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Political Consulting

The Democratic Party of Salem County

The Wood, Timberman and Hogan team will put
taxpayers first, protect our seniors, children and
families and utilize new technology to cut costs and improve services.

Team Electon

Brown & Sarcone for Assembly

In these tough times, we need independent leadership to shake up state government. We’ll hold the line on taxes and protect our quality of life – even if that means standing up to party leaders to deliver real change.

Dennis Lamagna for Township Committee

His experience, knowledge and commitment is exactly nike air jordan 3 retro the kind of change Waterford needs and our residents deserve"

Lombardi and Wilhelm for Berlin

We believe that new leadership, focused on the future of our residents, is required to meet the challenges of today. We are running for office to return the focus of our government back to the residents.

Schmidt, Whipple, Marrone for Council

Schmidt, Whipple, Marrone for “Our Evesham”
Candidates Dedicated to Making Evesham Better

Three residents dedicated to fighting for the future of their community announced their candidacy for Evesham Council today.

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