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Vortech caters to a very broad range of clients. From small family restaurants to national, award winning, photographers to prominent national law firms and international corporations.

We interact with our clients in developing the correct and optimal solutions which coincide with their specific needs and business strategy. No business is the same so obviously no solution can be the same. We do not assume and generalize, we observe and produce results. We will work with you and understand your goals and needs, then devise a method to achieve those goals as a dynamic and complementing process to your operations.

The following is a sampling of our results oriented consulting:
This retailer wanted to get on the web. A year after launch, this retailer went from brick and mortar to purely virtual. Through strategic consulting, realizing its ability to offer products at a lower cost and a higher margin, expanded from a regional marketplace to rapidly become a known flags portal on the international scene. With an effective e-commerce portal solution and search engine optimization, The new transacts thousands of orders a month instead of a few dozen.

The Office Furniture Outlet,
A long standing regional office supplier has grown tremendously due to the right web solution, search engine optimization and strategic business consulting. The main accolade we have accomplished through our comprehensive solution is attaining a quarter's worth of profits in one month, repeatedly.

GPS North America
One of the largest distributors for private and fleet GPS solutions in the United States, We consulted this company since its inception. Through Strategic Technology consulting, search engine optimization and the web solution we devised, GPS North America transformed into one of the largest distributors of GPS fleet solutions in north America in only 3 years.

Gateway Funding, Cherry Hill
Search Engine Optimization, interactive form scarpe air jordan 4 processing and streaming, calculators and informative sections are just some of the elements which create more time for the staff and owners at this firm as they do not spend as much time on the phone or in person answering the same questions, calculating elements by hand or processing clients manually. a recently added interactive "ask the underwriter section" forum allows visitors to ask questions which are promptly answered by Gateway's staff (a tremendous value added service for the firm and an excellent visitor to client conversion tool)

Gateway Funding, Haddonfield
We devised an automated system by which incoming clients are distributed automatically to loan officers which can then assign various attributes to each loan and follow up on application with the assigned team members and related third parties as needed. We reduced the effort it once took to stay "on top of" and to quickly close loans.

Garden State Pulmonary Associates
One of the best, if not the best known pulmonary practices in south jersey needed help with the expansion of their business and the education of their clients into illnesses and causes of sleep related issues as well as breathing ailments. The interactive websolution we devised will allow for these goals as well as expand on the practice's services via an online forum for patients to interact, ask questions, purchase items and become educated as to why this practice is their best solution.

South Jersey Health and Wellness
We have provided this high end complete wellness center with websolution, content and strategic consulting in the effort of reaching their goal of a unified marketing front. The websolution will also act as a visitor to client conversion tool which will entice visitors to join the center and if not, initially then at least schedule a health screening. The center is reaching it's capacity and will close it's doors to new members in order to focus on total rehabilitation for it's existing client base.

The Law Offices of Ronald Cappuccio, J.D. L.L.M. Tax
This Tax attorney firm was in need of a new image rebranding as well as create more free time for it's employed professionals in order to offset their case load. We created an automated, online expert system which diagnoses each client's unique situation, offers them a solution- in real time. This system analyzes and saves the results of each unique client for later review and dissemination.

Bodell Bove Grace & Van Horn
An international law firm was in need of a web solution that matched its quality and accolades. The result was a conservative and effective websolution which allowed BBGV to showcase their talent and work as well as provide an easy way for their clients to interact with each attorney directly.

Guardian Protection insurance solutions
A spin off from a larger company, this unique long term care and benefits solution provider needed a non-traditional yet effective online image. the layout we developed alongside the functionality we added (interactive quiz, newsletter signup and quick information sections) all work together to fulfill their needs.

The Deborah King Institute
Founded by Deborah king, this California institute helps people deal with loss, grief and abuse. The center needed a comforting look and feel all while allowing the visitor to purchase the Institute's and Deborah's books on the subjects relating to them.
The overall vision we developed for this websolution was that of a place where people can chat online in group healing sessions with institute members as well as a online forum and comprehensive knowledge base resource.

Great Escapes Travel
This regional travel office needed a competitive edge in the form of an engaging and fun website which will entice visitors to book vacations either online or by phone if not in person. The site offers a lot of relevant and interesting content which many visitors find invaluable when booking and arranging their vacations. Great Escapes has enjoyed a substantial influx of inquiries and resulting bookings.

Melissa Musgrove Photography
Melissa is a very accomplished and talented photographer, very well known on the east cost. her problem was that she wanted to live in Santa Barbara and needed to transfer her business and establish a name there. With the aid of our websolution and consulting Melissa's dream became a reality. She has recently sold her house on the east coast for a stake in Santa Barbara.

Avi Keller Photography
Avi is situated in the heart of Manhattan’s fashion district. An international hub in design and fashion. he needed a websolution which will showcase his talent and set him apart from his intensive competition. The solution we created for him, allows him just that.

This was just a sampling of what we develop for our clients. Again, each case is unique and each solution is unique. The common denominator is that they all attain their goals through our help which is not a “website”, it’s a websolution which is just the culmination and one of the end results of proper marketing, branding, business and strategic decisions.

It is a fact. Our solutions work. All of our clients have enjoyed increased exposure, revenue and reach using our proven methods and unique approach. There are many businesses that are enjoying the proven benefits of the right web presence, there is no reason why you should not have the same advantages and much more with the right solution, a Vortech Solution.


"I really believe that Vortech has done an astonishing job at creating a powerful, dynamic website (one we're very proud of) for our business. Our industry is one that happens to be quite complex and confusing to consumers...and I feel we really have put the World at their fingertips!

I honestly didn't think it was possible to get what I truly wanted to represent who we are, to reflect our professionalism and committment to our clients, but you did it! And at a price a small business owner can afford! So, again, feel free to use us, and our respect for your talents and services however you wish!

Judy Rawls, Great Escapes Travel

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done. Our new site has been up and running now for 2 months and the results have been great.

Thanks to your ideas and input our web site now reflects the personality of our store. The amount of qualified inquirers has increased and at the same time the number of junk inquiries has decreased.

You really created a fabulous new site for us. All your support through out the creation process was extremely reassuring. Feel free to share this letter with any prospective clients.

Anyone considering Vortech for creating a web presence or for refreshing an outdated site can be assured that you and your staff can create a new image at a very reasonable price that will generate results."

Steve Fink

Office Furniture Outlet,

"Since opening my own computer business 6 years ago. I have had several different people do my company's website (including myself). But Vortech was the only one that provided me with the website that my growing business needs. Competing in today's ever changing computer world, can be quite confusing. But with Vortech's innovative design team I know my website can grow into anything my business requires. "

Bill Minosse

"I highly recommend Vortech for any web development you need done. Their friendly manner, combined with first class service and support make for an easy experience. They took my webpage from a work in progress to the next level and into a website in 5 hours. Vortech also gave me a lot of helpful extra advice on how to better market my site, offered excellent solutions to other unrelated projects and introduced me to a new level of service! Did I mention they made my site 110% better?!! Money well spent folks, Thanks VWS!"

Ian Davidson

"What I like about Vortech is the personal service I received at a price I can afford. I have dealt with several web development companies over the last 3 years and vortech is the only company I would recommend to a friend."

Todd Lewis


"...We would like to thank you very much for your professionalism, ingenuity, insight and endless attention to details and constant strive towards perfecting our internal website... We couldn't ask for anything more than our very own Vortech..."

"...Thank you for guiding me through the web process. Not only did you design a web site that highlights my photography services and images, but you made it easy. For me, who didn't even know how to send an e-mail, but also for my customers. (Thanks for the added bonus of teaching me how to e-mail)!

I had concerns leaving New Jersey for California that perhaps I should find someone out here to service my web site needs. After all you are across the country, but that is the beauty of the internet. My concerns turned out to be unfounded as your response to all of my growing pains, and growing needs was outstanding. I don't think 5 minutes ever went by from the time I e-mailed you till the time you had an answer for me.

Santa Barbara is a huge destination spot for weddings. Therefore many of the brides are from out of town. I don't think I could make an appointment with any of the couples if I didn't have a website for them to view before making arrangements to meet with me personally. There are many very talented photographers in this town so any edge a photographer can have is necessary. For that reason I will soon be sending more images to be added to my site. Thank you for your talents and patience.

Melissa Musgrove