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Storefront packages:
We at Vortech created the ultimate web based e-commerce software solution. Highly secure, robust, flexible, and easy to use. You can have an online storefront showcasing a few products to well over 50,000. We provide all the needed support and education you will require as well as giving you full control to self-manage your e-commerce solution with our content management system.

Advanced tools:
Winning customer loyalty is key to successful e-commerce storefront solutions. Our e-commerce solutions offer advanced marketing tools designed to keep your customers coming back for more with registered user analytics, wish lists, automated user defined marketing, virtual merchandising, product reviews and many other valuable features.

Shopping cart:
Easy and intuitive. Our smart shopping carts can make the difference between a repeat customer and an abandoned cart. One of the many interesting features your e-commerce solution comes with is the ability to remember, track and register user information and purchasing habits which allows you to better connect with you customers, gain valuable feedback, and afford you insight into your customer's total experience with your services and products.

E-commerce Suite Overview

  • Full service or self managed
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Highly secure platform
  • 1 - 50,000+ products
  • Full shopping cart functionality
  • Advanced features
  • Flexible content management

    Anything in our solutions can be modified before it is launched for the first time or as your needs change in the future.

Virtual Merchandising

Have a hot product, but no shelf space? Drop any product, category or sub-category in the spotlight on your home page! Your customers receive an instant update and "virtual merchandising" allows you to introduce it on your home page, instantly.

  • Any product
  • Any category
  • Any Sub-category

Create a new "temporary" category - such as "monthly specials," "blow out pricing," "manufacturers discount," - drive your business and drive your traffic from the home page to section of your site you want them to go!

Advanced Features
Leverage the power of the Internet to personalize, customize and enhance the experience of your customers. Win their loyalty, automate your business, save time & money while increasing your Return On Investment. This is the concept of one to one advertising and marketing. Traditional stores cannot afford this, very few corporations could manage it but with the scalability of our e-commerce platforms and the internet you can optimally appeal to the needs of individual clients in a very efficient manner.

Your customers can sign up to receive automatic updates on any product, product line or service you offer. You now have the ability to automatically market a new product, a price point or bundled package, - what ever it may be; from product specials to discounted pricing, your customers will instantly know!

When one to one marketing is combined with Virtual merchandising and instant, customized notifications- you will realize the full impact of our advanced solutions and reap their rewards!