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Whether you are a business owner, corporate executive or a sole proprietor - You are a manager. You are doing a difficult, demanding, if not impossible job! Your business environment demands more of you and so do your staff. Your peers are very competitive and see you as one of their competitors.

You know you are struggling to succeed in your job but whom do you turn to? You know you need new insights but who can provide them? You know you need some help, encouragement and support but where will this come from?

Management can sometimes be a bleak and lonely experience and we understand that.
If professional sports people need personal coaches then how much more do today's managers!

You don't have to battle on alone, we're here to help you.

We will bring you the solutions.


Project management is not simply a process. The softer skills of leadership, influencing, facilitating and presenting are equally important. Project management today requires a 'whole brain' approach. The rigors and disciplines of good processes need to be balanced with creative thinking and change-management skills. Project teams can be both multi-functional and cross-cultural. Managers often need to manage remote project teams in complex structures.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Project scoping
  • Project plan designing
  • Project management tools and techniques selection
  • Leading project teams