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Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Believe it or not, this is an often overlooked exercise for sales forces. Targeting the right customers the right way is critical to the success of your organization. Bad customers drive out good ones so don't chance it with your sales force to stray outside of your "sweet spot."

What is Your Customer Churn Rate?

If your business retains less than 85% of its customer base each year, there is definite room for improvement. Consider the following statement: a 1% increase in customer satisfaction could double your profitability. We will survey your customers and employees to help identify areas of potential improvement which means happier customers and staff and as a result- a much more efficient and successful business.

We will analyze these and many other critical issues while combining strategic analysis and marketing, product analysis rests on the marketing adage of bringing the right product to the right person at the right price and time. This is further distilled to the fundamental fact that you have only one chance to make a first impression. Let us help you make yours the best one possible with our complete business and corporate identity solution.

Our approach is synergistic and efficient- we will analyze your product, brand positioning, market positioning as well as timberland prezzi your competitor items and devise an actionable plan which will include the analysis and recommendation of an optimal product positioning and launch. We will also dive into alternative marketing, new medium analysis.

We can provide you and your company easy to implement and inexpensive marketing methods that will result in increased revenues and improved forecasting. We will help you make your first impression a lasting one.