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Jonathan Gropper
Founder & President

While finishing his undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Business Management and Mathematics, Jonathan created Vortech in 2001. With $60 of investment capital, a laptop and a determination that small and medium sized businesses have an explicit and underserved need for effective, results oriented, creative and synergistic solutions to facilitate their growth and goal acquisition.

Fast forward six years, Vortech is still privately owned and has grown to over 25 hand-picked professionals across three continents, consulting hundreds of firms ranging from startup companies to Fortune 500 firms.

Part of the unique corporate culture that Jonathan instills at Vortech is that an effective solution is as much a science as it is an art.
Through constant individual self-improvement and team based cross-collaboration, a nurturing atmosphere avails itself. The rationale is that as a result of the atmosphere, the creative free thinking and quantitative analytical methods deployed on each challenge, superior solutions and synergistic results will avail themselves.

Setting the trend of constant self-improvement and a diverse practice area, Jonathan still actively consults firms alongside his managerial duties at Vortech all while holding commissions at a number of startups and non-profit organizations. Jonathan is currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate at The Rutgers School of Law.