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Are you ready for RESULTS?

If you are looking to deploy a startup, overhaul your operations, brand yourself, expose your firm to hundreds of visitors a day, develop online communities, intelligently transact online, or simply need fresh, impactful insight and review of your business or a division, we are here to achieve results for you.

Our solutions have positively impacted our clients from increasing operations and profit margins to refining internal operations, creating new market needs and placing niche products in front of ready buyers.

Sample Strategic Business Results:

  • Increased profitability from 18% for an established corporation and up to 1200% for a startup.
  • Decreased costs by 25% for a traditional B2B
  • Assisted a startup in becoming the #1 B2B niche supplier on the east coast within 5 years.
  • Refined operations to reduce waste and decompress margins hence bringing a private firm out of the red and into the black within 6 months.
  • Facilitated the expansion of a family owned business by 97% within 2 years.
  • Assisted Law firms with firm automation in order to increase billable hours and decrease churn.

Sample Strategic Technology Results:

  • We bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to our client sites every month.
  • Hacker proofed over 50 e-commerce portals.
  • Conduct cutting edge, on-going hack-safety checks for well known consumer websites.
  • Integrated cutting edge technologies into patentable solutions for online use.

Sample Strategic Marketing Results:

  • Facilitated the Expansion of well known B2B into the B2C market.
  • Rebranded scores of existing businesses and firms
  • Created an effective brand for an Italian Startup in the ultra high-end North American Fashion Market.
  • Developed a need within an existing market for a startup within 6 months.
  • Facilitated the expansion of an Israeli R&D firm into the Israeli Market.
  • Expanded an India based technology firm into the North American market.

At Vortech, we listen to you, understand your needs, refine your goals and help you achieve them in the most efficient manner without compromising quality.
Our solution is unique to you.