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When a company or any entity for that matter decides to develop a website it must first ask itself whether or not it wants just that- a website. That is, a website that will merely be a static marketing tool, as visually appealing as it might be, it will primarily attain visitors by being referenced via other media forms. Or does the company want their web presence to be an active and effective website with an directly associated revenue stream? In other words- a Websolution.

A WEBSOLUTION , not just a website.

An active business and marketing tool (via search engine optimization for example). The proper web solution is an active revenue stream, revenue augmenter and a cost & time savings utility.
We attain this for you by synergizing our experience, the necessary business and marketing elements and the exact technology needed at the precise time it is called for.
We integrate this support structure around the human element which is utilizing the site, interacting and transacting on it and thus, directly with you in the best possible way.

At Vortech, We do not specialize in a certain type of business- that would be cheating our clients. We do specialize in business, people and the way they interact together. One would caution any company from doing business with a provider who specializes only in a specific field.

Our broad and diverse experience has taken us from national photography studios to international law firms; from a sole-practitioner to a five hundred employee corporation; from start-ups to incumbent industry leaders. On more than one occasion an online technology distributor benefited from a part of the solution we derived working with an upscale restaurant which benefited from the insight gained while developing a solution for a software startup which benefited from the unique perspective we gained while optimizing the operations of a publication house. That is:

Synergy!- the essence of a successful solution.

Our perspective is fresh. As deep as it is broad and insightful, this is based on the fact that we do not limit our clientele to a certain industry and as a result we do not limit our capacity for developing the optimal solution under every circumstance. The first step in developing your optimal solution is to understand you.

You, like your business, are unique; from independent agents to small businesses to international corporations, the objectives for each web solution are unique as well. We will listen to your goals and provide consultation, an action plan and an implementation of your optimal solution.

Whether you are creating your first online presence or upgrading an existing one. We will develop an innovative web solution which will ensure that your clients are impressed with your ability to appeal to their senses and needs and as a result convince them to select and prefer you over your competitors. We will invest the time to understand you and your business.

To us, that is the main way to ensure the happiness of your clients and as a result, your success. We will always be there, with you, as your environment and dynamics change we will continuously refine your customized solution so it will be as effective and optimal to stakeholders and end users as it was when it was initially deployed.

At Vortech, we will always be there, at your side, throughout your development and expansion.