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All too often businesses approach us with the same problem:

They have a website or an e-commerce site; it might look good and be informative, but:

  • It is not generating the profits it should be.
  • It is not drawing in the volume of visitors it should be.
  • It is not visible on search engines in a way that is helpful to the business.

    In short, it is not living up to its potential or capacity.

Fortunately, we at Vortech, have the honest and most effective solution you have been waiting for. Most other companies offer "Web optimization" or more commonly "search engine submission" (which will actually hurt you since all too often these companies use automatic submission tools which search engines all but ban).
We offer one of the most comprehensive organic search engine optimization program available to get your website visible, regain and increase market share and increase your bottom line.

At Vortech:

  • House seasoned top technical talent.
  • Have the technological capacity & know-how.
  • Possess analytical superiority and organic, first-hand knowledge of many industries.
  • Offer cost effective solutions with an effective ROI.

All With one goal in mind: to bring you the results you need and deserve!

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any size business, budget and goal contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

Our comprehensive Search Engine and Website Optimization process includes the following:

1. Market Analysis: Vortech performs market analysis on specific industry and competition Aided b client input.

2. Keyword Research & Development: we will generate the list of optimal suggested keywords for your business and website to ensure the best possible ranking and visibility on the most popular search engines.

3. Keyword Analysis & Structuring: We will review additional specific keyword lists for each section and page on your site and begin reconstructing your existing website code in order to capitalize on these enhancements.

4. Search Engine Submissions: We will Submit your website to search engines both manually, directly and indirectly to ensure best possible ranking.

5. Content Analysis & Refinement: In addition to the initial Meta tags and submissions, a detailed website analysis will be carried out to assist in further improving your website's rankings through the refinement and enhancement of existing content and layout to ensure optimal search engine spidering and indexing.

6.Intensity Pages and additional Meta Tags: After the initial set of Meta tags are created, our team will create up the needed keyword-dense, content-rich extension pages for your company and apply them to the existing website. These pages will be created to conform to the conceptual design of your website and enhanced to improve search engine positioning.

7. Direct Search Engine Inclusions: As an added value to our clients, we include direct inclusion of your website to many search engines such as Google, MSN, Lycos, AllTheWeb, AskJeeves, Teoma and Looksmart. This ensures correct spidering, crawling and indexing of your website.

8. Link Development: Link popularity has become increasingly valuable in boosting your rankings. We will contact websites that complement your company and request that they link to your website. In most cases, inbound links are increased without the need for reciprocal linking. In addition to increasing search engine rankings, these inbound links will assist with referral traffic and increase brand awareness.

In all, our Search Engine and Website Optimization methodology includes 8 additional primary steps to aforementioned. The remaining 8 steps include:

      • Reporting
      • Traffic Analysis
      • Maintenance
      • Other proprietary and proven technologies and methods

Find out what what else we offer and how it is done by contacting us now, we will be more than thrilled to explain the process which will bring you the results you need!